Soft-body Physics Simulation
Data Fields
RoR::ground_model_t Struct Reference

Surface friction properties. More...

#include <SimData.h>

Data Fields

float va
 adhesion velocity More...
float ms
 static friction coefficient More...
float mc
 sliding friction coefficient More...
float t2
 hydrodynamic friction (s/m) More...
float vs
 stribeck velocity (m/s) More...
float alpha
 steady-steady More...
float strength
 ground strength More...
float fluid_density
 Density of liquid. More...
float flow_consistency_index
 general drag coefficient More...
float flow_behavior_index
 if flow_behavior_index<1 then liquid is Pseudoplastic (ketchup, whipped cream, paint) if =1 then liquid is Newtoni'an fluid if >1 then liquid is Dilatant fluid (less common) More...
float solid_ground_level
 how deep the solid ground is More...
float drag_anisotropy
 Upwards/Downwards drag anisotropy. More...
int fx_type
Ogre::ColourValue fx_colour
char name [256]
char basename [256]
char particle_name [256]
int fx_particle_amount
 amount of particles More...
float fx_particle_min_velo
 minimum velocity to display sparks More...
float fx_particle_max_velo
 maximum velocity to display sparks More...
float fx_particle_fade
 fade coefficient More...
float fx_particle_timedelta
 delta for particle animation More...
float fx_particle_velo_factor
 velocity factor More...
float fx_particle_ttl

Detailed Description

Surface friction properties.

Definition at line 740 of file SimData.h.

Field Documentation

◆ alpha

float RoR::ground_model_t::alpha


Definition at line 747 of file SimData.h.

◆ basename

char RoR::ground_model_t::basename[256]

Definition at line 765 of file SimData.h.

◆ drag_anisotropy

float RoR::ground_model_t::drag_anisotropy

Upwards/Downwards drag anisotropy.

Definition at line 760 of file SimData.h.

◆ flow_behavior_index

float RoR::ground_model_t::flow_behavior_index

if flow_behavior_index<1 then liquid is Pseudoplastic (ketchup, whipped cream, paint) if =1 then liquid is Newtoni'an fluid if >1 then liquid is Dilatant fluid (less common)

Definition at line 756 of file SimData.h.

◆ flow_consistency_index

float RoR::ground_model_t::flow_consistency_index

general drag coefficient

Definition at line 751 of file SimData.h.

◆ fluid_density

float RoR::ground_model_t::fluid_density

Density of liquid.

Definition at line 750 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_colour

Ogre::ColourValue RoR::ground_model_t::fx_colour

Definition at line 763 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_amount

int RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_amount

amount of particles

Definition at line 768 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_fade

float RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_fade

fade coefficient

Definition at line 772 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_max_velo

float RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_max_velo

maximum velocity to display sparks

Definition at line 771 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_min_velo

float RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_min_velo

minimum velocity to display sparks

Definition at line 770 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_timedelta

float RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_timedelta

delta for particle animation

Definition at line 773 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_ttl

float RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_ttl

Definition at line 775 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_particle_velo_factor

float RoR::ground_model_t::fx_particle_velo_factor

velocity factor

Definition at line 774 of file SimData.h.

◆ fx_type

int RoR::ground_model_t::fx_type

Definition at line 762 of file SimData.h.

◆ mc

float RoR::ground_model_t::mc

sliding friction coefficient

Definition at line 744 of file SimData.h.

◆ ms

float RoR::ground_model_t::ms

static friction coefficient

Definition at line 743 of file SimData.h.

◆ name

char RoR::ground_model_t::name[256]

Definition at line 764 of file SimData.h.

◆ particle_name

char RoR::ground_model_t::particle_name[256]

Definition at line 766 of file SimData.h.

◆ solid_ground_level

float RoR::ground_model_t::solid_ground_level

how deep the solid ground is

Definition at line 759 of file SimData.h.

◆ strength

float RoR::ground_model_t::strength

ground strength

Definition at line 748 of file SimData.h.

◆ t2

float RoR::ground_model_t::t2

hydrodynamic friction (s/m)

Definition at line 745 of file SimData.h.

◆ va

float RoR::ground_model_t::va

adhesion velocity

Definition at line 742 of file SimData.h.

◆ vs

float RoR::ground_model_t::vs

stribeck velocity (m/s)

Definition at line 746 of file SimData.h.

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