Soft-body Physics Simulation
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RoR::ActorSpawnRequest Struct Reference

#include <SimData.h>

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Public Types

enum  Origin {
  Origin::UNKNOWN, Origin::CONFIG_FILE, Origin::TERRN_DEF, Origin::USER,
  Origin::SAVEGAME, Origin::NETWORK, Origin::AI
 < Enables special processing More...

Data Fields

CacheEntryasr_cache_entry = nullptr
 Optional, overrides 'asr_filename' and 'asr_cache_entry_num'. More...
std::string asr_filename
Ogre::String asr_config
Ogre::Vector3 asr_position = Ogre::Vector3::ZERO
Ogre::Quaternion asr_rotation = Ogre::Quaternion::ZERO
collision_box_tasr_spawnbox = nullptr
CacheEntryasr_skin_entry = nullptr
Origin asr_origin = Origin::UNKNOWN
int asr_debugview = 0
Ogre::UTFString asr_net_username
int asr_net_color = 0
int net_source_id = 0
int net_stream_id = 0
bool asr_free_position = false
 Disables the automatic spawn position adjustment. More...
bool asr_enter = true
bool asr_terrn_machine = false
 This is a fixed machinery. More...
std::shared_ptr< rapidjson::Document > asr_saved_state
 Pushes msg MODIFY_ACTOR (type RESTORE_SAVED) after spawn. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 776 of file SimData.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Origin

< Enables special processing


'Preselected vehicle' in RoR.cfg or command line


Preloaded with terrain.


Direct selection by user via GUI.


User spawned and part of a savegame.


Remote controlled.


Script controlled.

Definition at line 778 of file SimData.h.

Field Documentation

◆ asr_cache_entry

CacheEntry* RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_cache_entry = nullptr

Optional, overrides 'asr_filename' and 'asr_cache_entry_num'.

Definition at line 789 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_config

Ogre::String RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_config

Definition at line 791 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_debugview

int RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_debugview = 0

Definition at line 797 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_enter

bool RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_enter = true

Definition at line 803 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_filename

std::string RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_filename

Definition at line 790 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_free_position

bool RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_free_position = false

Disables the automatic spawn position adjustment.

Definition at line 802 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_net_color

int RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_net_color = 0

Definition at line 799 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_net_username

Ogre::UTFString RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_net_username

Definition at line 798 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_origin

Origin RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_origin = Origin::UNKNOWN

Definition at line 796 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_position

Ogre::Vector3 RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_position = Ogre::Vector3::ZERO

Definition at line 792 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_rotation

Ogre::Quaternion RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_rotation = Ogre::Quaternion::ZERO

Definition at line 793 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_saved_state

std::shared_ptr<rapidjson::Document> RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_saved_state

Pushes msg MODIFY_ACTOR (type RESTORE_SAVED) after spawn.

Definition at line 806 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_skin_entry

CacheEntry* RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_skin_entry = nullptr

Definition at line 795 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_spawnbox

collision_box_t* RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_spawnbox = nullptr

Definition at line 794 of file SimData.h.

◆ asr_terrn_machine

bool RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::asr_terrn_machine = false

This is a fixed machinery.

Definition at line 804 of file SimData.h.

◆ net_source_id

int RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::net_source_id = 0

Definition at line 800 of file SimData.h.

◆ net_stream_id

int RoR::ActorSpawnRequest::net_stream_id = 0

Definition at line 801 of file SimData.h.

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