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Data Fields
RoR::CacheQuery Struct Reference

#include <CacheSystem.h>

Data Fields

RoR::LoaderType cqy_filter_type = RoR::LoaderType::LT_None
int cqy_filter_category_id = CacheCategoryId::CID_All
std::string cqy_filter_guid
 Exact match; leave empty to disable. More...
CacheSearchMethod cqy_search_method = CacheSearchMethod::NONE
std::string cqy_search_string
std::vector< CacheQueryResultcqy_results
std::map< int, size_t > cqy_res_category_usage
 Total usage (ignores search params + category filter) More...
std::time_t cqy_res_last_update = std::time_t()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 161 of file CacheSystem.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cqy_filter_category_id

int RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_filter_category_id = CacheCategoryId::CID_All

Definition at line 164 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_filter_guid

std::string RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_filter_guid

Exact match; leave empty to disable.

Definition at line 165 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_filter_type

RoR::LoaderType RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_filter_type = RoR::LoaderType::LT_None

Definition at line 163 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_res_category_usage

std::map<int, size_t> RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_res_category_usage

Total usage (ignores search params + category filter)

Definition at line 170 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_res_last_update

std::time_t RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_res_last_update = std::time_t()

Definition at line 171 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_results

std::vector<CacheQueryResult> RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_results

Definition at line 169 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_search_method

CacheSearchMethod RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_search_method = CacheSearchMethod::NONE

Definition at line 166 of file CacheSystem.h.

◆ cqy_search_string

std::string RoR::CacheQuery::cqy_search_string

Definition at line 167 of file CacheSystem.h.

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