Soft-body Physics Simulation
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RoR::beam_t Struct Reference

Simulation: An edge in the softbody structure. More...

#include <SimData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 beam_t ()
 ~beam_t ()

Data Fields

node_tp1 = nullptr
node_tp2 = nullptr
float k = 0.f
 tensile spring More...
float d = 0.f
 damping factor More...
float L = 0.f
 length More...
float minmaxposnegstress = 0.f
float maxposstress = 0.f
float maxnegstress = 0.f
float strength = 0.f
float stress = 0.f
float plastic_coef = 0.f
int detacher_group = DEFAULT_DETACHER_GROUP
 Attribute: detacher group number (integer) More...
SpecialBeam bounded = SpecialBeam::NOSHOCK
BeamType bm_type = BeamType::BEAM_NORMAL
bool bm_inter_actor = false
 in case p2 is on another actor More...
ActorPtr bm_locked_actor
 in case p2 is on another actor More...
bool bm_disabled = false
bool bm_broken = false
float shortbound = 0.f
float longbound = 0.f
float refL = 0.f
 reference length More...
shock_tshock = nullptr
float initial_beam_strength = 0.f
 for reset More...
float default_beam_deform = 0.f
 for reset More...
float debug_k = 0.f
 debug shock spring_rate More...
float debug_d = 0.f
 debug shock damping More...
float debug_v = 0.f
 debug shock velocity More...

Detailed Description

Simulation: An edge in the softbody structure.

Definition at line 341 of file SimData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ beam_t()

beam_t::beam_t ( )

Definition at line 42 of file SimData.cpp.

◆ ~beam_t()

beam_t::~beam_t ( )

Definition at line 47 of file SimData.cpp.

Field Documentation

◆ bm_broken

bool RoR::beam_t::bm_broken = false

Definition at line 363 of file SimData.h.

◆ bm_disabled

bool RoR::beam_t::bm_disabled = false

Definition at line 362 of file SimData.h.

◆ bm_inter_actor

bool RoR::beam_t::bm_inter_actor = false

in case p2 is on another actor

Definition at line 360 of file SimData.h.

◆ bm_locked_actor

ActorPtr RoR::beam_t::bm_locked_actor

in case p2 is on another actor

Definition at line 361 of file SimData.h.

◆ bm_type

BeamType RoR::beam_t::bm_type = BeamType::BEAM_NORMAL

Definition at line 359 of file SimData.h.

◆ bounded

SpecialBeam RoR::beam_t::bounded = SpecialBeam::NOSHOCK

Definition at line 358 of file SimData.h.

◆ d

float RoR::beam_t::d = 0.f

damping factor

Definition at line 349 of file SimData.h.

◆ debug_d

float RoR::beam_t::debug_d = 0.f

debug shock damping

Definition at line 375 of file SimData.h.

◆ debug_k

float RoR::beam_t::debug_k = 0.f

debug shock spring_rate

Definition at line 374 of file SimData.h.

◆ debug_v

float RoR::beam_t::debug_v = 0.f

debug shock velocity

Definition at line 376 of file SimData.h.

◆ default_beam_deform

float RoR::beam_t::default_beam_deform = 0.f

for reset

Definition at line 372 of file SimData.h.

◆ detacher_group

int RoR::beam_t::detacher_group = DEFAULT_DETACHER_GROUP

Attribute: detacher group number (integer)

Definition at line 357 of file SimData.h.

◆ initial_beam_strength

float RoR::beam_t::initial_beam_strength = 0.f

for reset

Definition at line 371 of file SimData.h.

◆ k

float RoR::beam_t::k = 0.f

tensile spring

Definition at line 348 of file SimData.h.

◆ L

float RoR::beam_t::L = 0.f


Definition at line 350 of file SimData.h.

◆ longbound

float RoR::beam_t::longbound = 0.f

Definition at line 366 of file SimData.h.

◆ maxnegstress

float RoR::beam_t::maxnegstress = 0.f

Definition at line 353 of file SimData.h.

◆ maxposstress

float RoR::beam_t::maxposstress = 0.f

Definition at line 352 of file SimData.h.

◆ minmaxposnegstress

float RoR::beam_t::minmaxposnegstress = 0.f

Definition at line 351 of file SimData.h.

◆ p1

node_t* RoR::beam_t::p1 = nullptr

Definition at line 346 of file SimData.h.

◆ p2

node_t* RoR::beam_t::p2 = nullptr

Definition at line 347 of file SimData.h.

◆ plastic_coef

float RoR::beam_t::plastic_coef = 0.f

Definition at line 356 of file SimData.h.

◆ refL

float RoR::beam_t::refL = 0.f

reference length

Definition at line 367 of file SimData.h.

◆ shock

shock_t* RoR::beam_t::shock = nullptr

Definition at line 369 of file SimData.h.

◆ shortbound

float RoR::beam_t::shortbound = 0.f

Definition at line 365 of file SimData.h.

◆ strength

float RoR::beam_t::strength = 0.f

Definition at line 354 of file SimData.h.

◆ stress

float RoR::beam_t::stress = 0.f

Definition at line 355 of file SimData.h.

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