Soft-body Physics Simulation
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ForwardDeclarations.h File Reference

Global forward declarations. More...

#include "RefCountingObjectPtr.h"
#include <limits>
#include <vector>
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typedef int RoR::ActorInstanceID_t
 Unique sequentially generated ID of an actor in session. Use ActorManager::GetActorById() More...
typedef int RoR::ScriptUnitId_t
 Unique sequentially generated ID of a loaded and running scriptin session. Use ScriptEngine::getScriptUnit() More...
typedef int RoR::PointidID_t
 index to PointColDetector::hit_pointid_list, use RoR::POINTIDID_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef int RoR::RefelemID_t
 index to PointColDetector::m_ref_list, use RoR::REFELEMID_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef int RoR::CacheEntryID_t
 index to CacheSystem::m_cache_entries, use RoR::CACHEENTRYNUM_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef uint16_t RoR::NodeNum_t
 Node position within Actor::ar_nodes; use RoR::NODENUM_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef int RoR::WheelID_t
 Index to Actor::ar_wheels, use RoR::WHEELID_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef int RoR::PropID_t
 Index to GfxActor::m_props, use RoR::PROPID_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef int RoR::FlexbodyID_t
 Index to GfxActor::m_flexbodies, use RoR::FLEXBODYID_INVALID as empty value. More...
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< Actor > RoR::ActorPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< CacheEntry > RoR::CacheEntryPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< LocalStorage > RoR::LocalStoragePtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< ProceduralPoint > RoR::ProceduralPointPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< ProceduralObject > RoR::ProceduralObjectPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< ProceduralRoad > RoR::ProceduralRoadPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< ProceduralManager > RoR::ProceduralManagerPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< Sound > RoR::SoundPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< SoundScriptInstance > RoR::SoundScriptInstancePtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< SoundScriptTemplate > RoR::SoundScriptTemplatePtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< Terrain > RoR::TerrainPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< TuneupDef > RoR::TuneupDefPtr
typedef RefCountingObjectPtr< VehicleAI > RoR::VehicleAIPtr
typedef std::vector< ActorPtr > RoR::ActorPtrVec


static const ActorInstanceID_t RoR::ACTORINSTANCEID_INVALID = -1
static const ScriptUnitId_t RoR::SCRIPTUNITID_INVALID = -1
static const PointidID_t RoR::POINTIDID_INVALID = -1
static const RefelemID_t RoR::REFELEMID_INVALID = -1
static const CacheEntryID_t RoR::CACHEENTRYID_INVALID = -1
static const NodeNum_t RoR::NODENUM_INVALID = std::numeric_limits<NodeNum_t>::max()
static const WheelID_t RoR::WHEELID_INVALID = -1
static const PropID_t RoR::PROPID_INVALID = -1
static const FlexbodyID_t RoR::FLEXBODYID_INVALID = -1

Detailed Description

Global forward declarations.

Petr Ohlidal

Definition in file ForwardDeclarations.h.