Soft-body Physics Simulation
Data Fields
RoR::event_trigger_t Struct Reference

#include <InputEngine.h>

Data Fields

enum eventtypes eventtype
int configDeviceID
 For which device (which config file) was this binding defined? More...
int keyCode
bool explicite
bool ctrl
bool shift
bool alt
int mouseButtonNumber
int joystickNumber
int joystickButtonNumber
int joystickAxisNumber
float joystickAxisDeadzone
float joystickAxisLinearity
int joystickAxisRegion
bool joystickAxisReverse
bool joystickAxisHalf
bool joystickAxisUseDigital
int joystickPovNumber
int joystickPovDirection
int joystickSliderNumber
int joystickSliderReverse
int joystickSliderRegion
char configline [256]
 Mixed use: keyboard=key, joyButton=buttonNum, POV=direction, joyAxes=options. More...
char group [128]
char tmp_eventname [128]
char comments [1024]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 415 of file InputEngine.h.

Field Documentation

◆ alt

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::alt

Definition at line 425 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ comments

char RoR::event_trigger_t::comments[1024]

Definition at line 453 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ configDeviceID

int RoR::event_trigger_t::configDeviceID

For which device (which config file) was this binding defined?

Definition at line 419 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ configline

char RoR::event_trigger_t::configline[256]

Mixed use: keyboard=key, joyButton=buttonNum, POV=direction, joyAxes=options.

Definition at line 450 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ ctrl

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::ctrl

Definition at line 423 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ eventtype

enum eventtypes RoR::event_trigger_t::eventtype

Definition at line 418 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ explicite

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::explicite

Definition at line 422 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ group

char RoR::event_trigger_t::group[128]

Definition at line 451 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisDeadzone

float RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisDeadzone

Definition at line 433 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisHalf

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisHalf

Definition at line 437 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisLinearity

float RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisLinearity

Definition at line 434 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisNumber

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisNumber

Definition at line 432 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisRegion

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisRegion

Definition at line 435 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisReverse

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisReverse

Definition at line 436 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickAxisUseDigital

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickAxisUseDigital

Definition at line 438 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickButtonNumber

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickButtonNumber

Definition at line 430 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickNumber

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickNumber

Definition at line 429 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickPovDirection

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickPovDirection

Definition at line 442 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickPovNumber

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickPovNumber

Definition at line 441 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickSliderNumber

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickSliderNumber

Definition at line 445 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickSliderRegion

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickSliderRegion

Definition at line 447 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ joystickSliderReverse

int RoR::event_trigger_t::joystickSliderReverse

Definition at line 446 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ keyCode

int RoR::event_trigger_t::keyCode

Definition at line 421 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ mouseButtonNumber

int RoR::event_trigger_t::mouseButtonNumber

Definition at line 427 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ shift

bool RoR::event_trigger_t::shift

Definition at line 424 of file InputEngine.h.

◆ tmp_eventname

char RoR::event_trigger_t::tmp_eventname[128]

Definition at line 452 of file InputEngine.h.

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