Soft-body Physics Simulation
Data Fields
RoRnet::VehicleState Struct Reference

< Formerly oob_t More...

#include <RoRnet.h>

Data Fields

int32_t time
 time data More...
float engine_speed
 engine RPM More...
float engine_force
 engine acceleration More...
float engine_clutch
 the clutch value More...
int32_t engine_gear
 engine gear More...
float hydrodirstate
 the turning direction status More...
float brake
 the brake value More...
float wheelspeed
 the wheel speed value More...
BitMask_t flagmask
 flagmask: NETMASK_* More...
BitMask_t lightmask
 flagmask: LIGHTMASK_* More...

Detailed Description

< Formerly oob_t

Definition at line 186 of file RoRnet.h.

Field Documentation

◆ brake

float RoRnet::VehicleState::brake

the brake value

Definition at line 194 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ engine_clutch

float RoRnet::VehicleState::engine_clutch

the clutch value

Definition at line 191 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ engine_force

float RoRnet::VehicleState::engine_force

engine acceleration

Definition at line 190 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ engine_gear

int32_t RoRnet::VehicleState::engine_gear

engine gear

Definition at line 192 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ engine_speed

float RoRnet::VehicleState::engine_speed

engine RPM

Definition at line 189 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ flagmask

BitMask_t RoRnet::VehicleState::flagmask

flagmask: NETMASK_*

Definition at line 196 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ hydrodirstate

float RoRnet::VehicleState::hydrodirstate

the turning direction status

Definition at line 193 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ lightmask

BitMask_t RoRnet::VehicleState::lightmask

flagmask: LIGHTMASK_*

Definition at line 197 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ time

int32_t RoRnet::VehicleState::time

time data

Definition at line 188 of file RoRnet.h.

◆ wheelspeed

float RoRnet::VehicleState::wheelspeed

the wheel speed value

Definition at line 195 of file RoRnet.h.

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